45 min phone consultation


For Colleen to prepare for your phone consultation, you will be sent a sleep questionnaire intake form that is required to be returned before your appointment. During this 45-minute consultation, Colleen will discuss your specific needs, answer your questions and provide you with expert suggestions and practical tips to help establish a healthy sleep and feeding routine for your child.

7 day phone and email support package


Prior to your consultation commencing, you will be required to fill out a sleep questionnaire intake form. This information you provide will be used for Colleen to develop your sleep programme. You will then be emailed your sleep plan so you can read over it and write up your questions before your phone consultation. The 30-minute phone call will begin the consultation. This time allows us to identify triggers in existing routines and to discuss the changes that have been recommended for you to implement. We will use this phone consultation to decide on what sleep training method you would like to work with.  The email support is then available to you for 7 days. Colleen will guide you with all the changes you are undertaking. She will be your cheerleader so you achieve your sleep goals.

Add on extra email support for $50 per week.

7 day email support package


Colleen will develop a personalised sleep programme using the information you provided about your child and sleep concerns. Colleen will then available to you for a full week over email support. During the 7 days, Colleen will be here to answer your questions, to keep you motivated and to cheer you on while you are implementing the recommendations that have been made for you.