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Danielle Signorino

My husband and I decided to contact Colleen when our little girl was about 7.5 months old. Eve had developed a habit of waking every 40 mins to 1 hour through the entire night and I was a totally broken woman. I knew that we had a dummy issue but was terrified to get rid of it as it was the only thing buying us any sleep at all! Like a lot of new mums, I let it go on a long time thinking that she would naturally pass through this difficult phase but after several months of stumbling sometimes 10-15 times per night down the corridor to tend to her, I could no longer function properly, felt utterly helpless and depressed and was not able to enjoy my beautiful bubba day or night. Colleen spent 2 nights with us and worked her magic! By the end of the second night, the dummy was a distant memory and Eve had started to sleep longer stretches, waking occasionally but resettling herself back to sleep. By the end of week one, she was sleeping 12hrs straight. Amazing!! Colleen’s approach was gentle and her caring and friendly manner made what is undeniably a difficult experience for any patent so much easier for us to get through. We have now enjoyed just over 2 months of blissful sleep. Our daughter is a much happier and easier to manage baby and my husband is thrilled to have his wife back!! I would recommend Colleen to anyone needing help and will definitely be calling on her with any future babies. I certainly won’t wait so long next time as she literally put the happiness back in our home. We cannot thank her enough!

Sheree Brown

‘Before Colleen visited, I was breastfeeding every 3 – 4 hours, but often felt like my son was just snacking and cat napping. At around 4 months, he began waking every hour at night and was not sleeping more than 40 minutes at a time during the day.
I had Colleen visit for 6 hours during the day, so that she could help over two sleeps. With Colleen’s help, we transitioned out of a swaddle, gave up the dummy and within a few days I was able to drop a night feed that he no longer required and he began sleeping longer stretches both during the day and night. He’s feeding much better during the day, is obviously fuller and more satisfied and therefore sleeping better.
Colleen taught me invaluable settling skills and amazed me that my son could sleep without the dummy! I have learnt techniques to calm and settle my baby. We are on to a comfortable sleep and feeding schedule and he is learning to self-settle! Colleen helped one very tired mum get much needed rest and I can’t thank her enough!’

Joanna Lamb

Chloe was waking up to 8 times a night wanting her dummy, and it was becoming a real issue for us. We followed your ‘ditching the dummy’ routine to the letter. It was a rough 24 hours, then the next day was ok…the day after that was even better. Then, on the fourth night, Chloe slept through the night! We couldn’t believe it and were so proud of her! (I, of course didn’t sleep through, and was sneaking around at 3am making sure she was still alive!) I am SO GLAD we stuck with it and were consistent in not giving the dummy back to her. We also follow your daily routine which gives her day (and mine) a lot of predictability and order.
Since her ‘dummy detox’, Chloe is reliably sleeping through from 7-6.30, and self settles every time we go to her room and put her in her cot for sleep. She even starts waving bye bye when we get to her bedroom, as she knows it’s time for her to go to bed. Sometimes she cries out at night, however I never have to go in to her as she self settles within minutes. She is such a happy girl, and we are loving having our sleep back. It’s so nice to go to bed at night and not feel stressed as to what the night will bring!
Once again, thank you so much

Margot Clark

“From the first conversation with Colleen I knew that I had made the right decision in asking her to help us with our 7 month old, who had deteriorated from being a great sleeper to waking up to 5 times a night (for the dummy) and needing to be fed in order to get him back into a deep sleep. She was kind, supportive and happy to pass on advice straight away. Arranging a time and package that was best for us was straight forward, she was very responsive and has continued to be like this throughout our support period, always replying to emails within 24 hours. Colleen stayed with us for two nights and one day, she fitted into our home life like a friend and our son adored her, notwithstanding some tears overnight as she was helping to teach him to self settle. It was really important to me that we use gentle methods and Colleen’s method certainly ticked that box. She was clear about what the goals were for each sleep and she was patient, supportive and encouraging of my husband and I . The dummy was removed straight away and we haven’t used one since, and our boy has slept through from 7pm-6.30am every night for the last three weeks. His day sleeps were always okay to good, but now they’re consistently great. I know this will sound like a cliche but the change in our household has been incredible, we both get a full nights sleep, I can get up early and go to the gym, and either my husband or I (or a baby sitter) can put our boy to sleep without any issue. We have relaxing evenings together, I feel like we have our old life back. In short, she’s amazing and we wish we’d sought her help much, much sooner!”

Marta Ransley

Our 22 month old had been waking at 5am or earlier for the past year and has, of late, been waking at least 3 times at night on top of that, since the arrival of her youngest sister. We got to a stage where we were unable to cope!
After only 4 days of Colleen’s sleep training, she had started sleeping for 11 hours at night and has re-learned to put herself to sleep even if she did wake during the night.
We can finally fall asleep without feeling anxious about what the night will bring!
Colleen’s support during the adjustment period has been wonderful and extremely helpful. She has left us empowered to take control of teaching our daughter the importance of sleep. So very highly recommended!