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Emma Picioane

We enlisted the help of Colleen when our then 4 month old was struggling to self settle, get into a routine and was also dependent on a dummy and after countless sleepless night we asked Colleen for help.
Colleen was amazing and empathetic towards our challenges. Through Colleen’s ability to guide us through routines and techniques, our serial cat napper is fantastic sleeper AND even sleeps during the day!
Thank you so much Colleen for getting our baby boy back on track!

Pharrah Underwood

“Colleen really changed my life, my 7mth old went from waking up 4-5 times a night to now sleeping from 7pm-7am .
I was really surprised how quick the training took, he had dropped most wake ups within 2-3 days and was sleeping all the way through after only 1 week.
I wish I had asked for Colleens help much earlier, I kept thinking my son would just improve but he needed a little guidance as did I. I tell all new parents I meet now to get help asap, there is no need to be a hero or suffer with sleep deprivation when there are experts like Colleen available to help.
She has many levels of packages, it’s easy to choose one to suit your family and budget.”

Alex Shone

We contacted Colleen to help us with catnaps, feeding to sleep and multiple night wakings. She was able to help us with all them in just one day. The change was really amazing, we couldn’t believe we went from a bub who would only feed to sleep to a bub who could self settle by bedtime! Her routines have made such a difference to our lives, it has really helped having some structure, which isn’t too strict and is realistic. Colleen has such a warm and gentle approach, we would highly recommend her! Thank you for all your help Colleen.

Liz Ernst

We booked Colleen for an overnight home visit when our twins were 6 months old. After the 4 month sleep regression and teething had hit I’d found it hard to get their sleeping back on track. The girls had gradually started waking more overnight (at least 4 or 5 times) and I was still feeding them at least once overnight. It was taking me up to an hour to settle them to sleep, at night and for day sleeps. I was also spending so much time constantly researching, reading books and googling baby routines, hoping to find something that would work for us. Colleen was that magic bullet I was searching for. We cut out the night time feeding straight away as the girls clearly didn’t need it and after one night (of which Colleen was there to help) they were sleeping so much better. After just a few nights the girls were sleeping through. Her approach is very gentle, yet effective and very easy to follow. Colleen also helped us get started with feeding and introduced the girls to 3 solid meals a day. She suggests age-appropriate routines which have suited the girls perfectly and we have continued to follow as the girls have grown and will continue for many years. Her ongoing support and advice is invaluable.
I have become so much more confident as a mum since Colleen’s visit. The girls are so happy and well rested and I have so much more time and energy. I have recommended Colleen to many friends and they have all had the same success. If things ever get rocky again I know Colleen will be able to help. We can’t thank you enough Colleen!

Sophia Garro

“By the time my daughter had reached 8 months I had lost all confidence and direction when she was waking 3-4 times a night for a feed and I was getting only 4-5 hours of broken sleep. I was ready to crash thinking I had tried everything and that feeding her was my only solution. My husband couldn’t see me like that anymore and found Colleen online. I arrange a phone consult. Within 45mins of Colleen listening to my concerns she gave me a day routine to follow and tips on how to settle my daughter to sleep, whilst going through the transition of stopping her night feeds. I felt a boost of confidence to tackle it head on and take control of her sleeping. I couldn’t believe how important the day routine was and the impact it had on her night sleep. Within 4 nights I had my daughter self settling and sleeping 10 hours straight through. Colleen’s advice, support and guidance in this short time was amazing. She knew exactly what needed to change to help my daughter self settle and enjoy her sleep. Thank you Colleen, your services are amazing and every time I hear of a friend who is struggling you are the first person I highly recommend helping them get back on track”