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Natasha Wojnar

I cannot recommend Colleen highly enough. My 4 month old son was struggling to link sleep cycles & not a great day sleeper.
I didn’t know what else to do, we were on struggle street.
Colleen spent 11hrs hours with me and my baby- teaching him how to self settle & giving me fantastic advice regarding routines, feeding etc etc.
From day 1, my baby just fell into his new routine. It just clicked !
With Colleen’s help & specialised advice I managed to stop all night feeds & alsoweaned him off his dream feed. Success!!!
He is now sleeping 7pm – 7am.
Never could I imagine such an amazing result.
My husband & I do not want to imagine where we would be if Colleen hadn’t come to help us.

Thank you Colleen, we are forever grateful.
From one happy mummy & daddy !!!

Renee Dowie

Our daughter went from being a pretty good sleep to waking multiple times a night around 3.5 months and needing the dummy constantly to get back to sleep. She continued to regress and I realised I needed help. I was too exhausted to do it by myself so I chose Colleen’s premium package and it was the best money I’ve ever spent. The week before Colleen came our daughter was waking every 1-2 hours, but with Colleen within 3 nights she had slept the whole night and we got rid of the dummy. For 3-4 nights after Colleen left she woke 1-2 times however it was easy to implement the technique Colleen had taught us and for the last couple of nights it only took around 15 min to get her back to sleep. Since then she has slept 12 hours a night and is easy to put down (occasionally requiring settling). She is also great during the day. This has completely turned our life around and I’m so grateful. I still can’t believe we are getting full night sleeps!

Tina Snepvangers

Our baby boy was 7 months old when we got in contact with Colleen. It was after a good 3 months of broken sleep each night and my husband and I were just mentally and physically exhausted. Our baby boy had previously slept through the night at around 3 months of age and did so for a good month and when I say slept through, it was a massive 10 hour stint. So from there, we knew that he didn’t need to be fed overnight and that he could last til the next morning. His day sleeps weren’t terrible but they weren’t fantastic either.
At the 4 month mark, probably due to sleep regression, he started waking 3-4 times overnight. Then he also started learning new skills such as rolling, commando crawling, then crawling, sitting up and standing up. He would “practice” in his sleep which would eventually wake him up. It would take us about 1-2 hours to get him back to sleep some nights. This involved rocking, patting and sometimes nursing him to sleep.
We had always been told not to feed our baby boy to sleep and we understood that, but at the beginning, this was the easiest and, at the time, the only way we could get our baby to sleep. I have a medication condition which flares up when I don’t get enough sleep, so for us, it was the easy way out of getting him to sleep which eventually created a rod for our own back!
We were at the end of our tether and didn’t know where to start in terms of sleep training and also weaning our baby boy off being fed to sleep. We had researched and read up so much on why our baby wasn’t sleeping, sleep training etc, that we just got overwhelmed.
When Colleen arrived, our baby boy was very smiley and quite comfortable with her presence. Our routine was changed and we learnt how to tell the difference between grizzling and crying. Our “routine” previously was to let our baby sleep as long they needed during the day, whether that be 40 mins, an hour, two hours. I’d always been told not to wake a sleeping baby. Now he sleeps at certain times during the day and he actually looks forward to them.
We can now pop our little boy into his cot for nap or bed time wide awake and he will self soothe himself to sleep. He doesn’t need to be fed to sleep, rocked or patted to sleep. Its been amazing! We couldn’t believe how quickly he picked up the sleep training. That night that Colleen stayed with us, he slept from 7pm til about 6:15am…where he woke once at 7:40pm, grizzled then fell back asleep. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw him fall back asleep.
Since then, our baby boy has slept overnight from 7pm-7am. He has had nights where he has woken up once or twice but we can count the number of times on one hand.
We can’t thank Colleen enough and have recommended her to anyone we know that has been having sleep issues with their child. It has certainly changed our lives.

Gemma Karallis

“I hate to think where we’d be if we didn’t contact Colleen to help us with our 5month old sons sleep issues (still in a sleep deprived haze I think!!!) Rafael was reliant on being rocked or held to sleep and to resettle and was reliant on a dummy. He would wake up every two hours overnight and would need to be rocked or fed back to sleep. He was a chronic catnapper during the day and would do most of his sleeps in my arms. My husband and I were constantly exhausted and so was Rafael.
From the moment I contacted Colleen I felt hopeful. She was friendly, professional and very easy to deal with in the lead up to her overnight visit. When Colleen arrived I automatically felt at ease and Rafael loved her (except for a moment when his dummy was taken away, but he soon forgave her and has never missed it!) Colleen came armed with information and routines for us and was more than happy to answer any question we had. I found Colleen’s methods gentle and could not believe how quickly they worked. By the nighttime sleep Rafael settled himself off to sleep within 20 minutes and woke only once that night. Colleen gave me the tips and confidence to implement methods I had read about, but seeing them put in to practice by her is definitely what made it work for us. Within two days of Colleen visiting, Rafael was only waking once a night for a feed and within a few weeks was sleeping through from 630/7pm until 630/7am. He was no longer being rocked, using a dummy or being fed to sleep, I couldn’t believe how quickly the methods worked! His days sleeps improved very quickly too with him being able to settle and resettle himself through sleep cycles. Thanks to Colleen’s help we have a much happier and rested baby and my husband and I are enjoying nights of unbroken sleep, I can’t stop singing her praises to everybody!”

Anne Nguyen

Very early on (as early as the first month!), we realised we had sleep issues with our baby boy. He very rarely slept longer than 45 minutes at a time during the day unless he was in the car or pram. He also couldn’t get to sleep at night without being fed to sleep.

Against the advice of many who advised not to begin “sleep training” until our baby was 6 months old, we arranged for Colleen to visit us when our baby son was 3 months old. The results were instantaneous. Colleen showed us how and when to put our baby boy down naps during the day which resulted in him finally connecting sleep cycles together and sleeping longer than 45 minutes. By the evening he was self settling to sleep and no longer needed me to feed him to sleep. And we did all this without having to listen to our baby cry it out on his own.

I cannot recommend Colleen more highly. Thank you, Colleen!