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Melanie Bouras

One Miracle

Our precious baby girl was a week away from her first birthday when we met Colleen. We had invited Colleen into our home to help us claw some sanity back into our sleep-deprived lives. My husband and I had not slept through one night of our daughters one year of existence. Not one. Rather, we were waking several times a night to an inconsolable crying baby. We would then go through the arduous process of holding, rocking and patting our darling daughter back to sleep for what would seem like an eternity until she inevitably wore us down and found herself an invitation into Mummy and Daddy’s bed, to be breastfed to sleep. Yes, we were breaking all the rules, one ‘no-no’ lead to another one. After a year of this ‘lifestyle’ we had found ourselves in, we were exhausted, frustrated, irritable with any form of confidence in our parenting ability a distant mirage.

Colleen came into our lives during our weakest moments, she gave us a routine for our one-year-old, information and guidelines to follow, and she taught us a technique and listened to us rabbit on about our difficulties and failures.  During Colleen’s visit our daughter went to sleep in her own cot for an afternoon nap, for the first time in her one year old life. Miracle. Over the next few days my husband and I followed Colleen’s technique and instruction to the letter when putting our precious to sleep. The very next night, (after Colleen’s visit) with minimal fuss, our little sleeping superstar slept from 7pm – 7am for the first time. Here we are a month later and our one year old has slept through every night since then. Every night. Game changer. My husband and I are now able to consider the potential of having another child. We actually sleep at night. We are able to have a glass of wine in the evening together. We have the evening together. Date night is back on the agenda, as our family and friends are now able to babysit with the confidence of knowing our bub will be sleeping at night.

We do not recognise ourselves. Colleen has literally changed our lives. Not to mention one special little girl who now has boundless energy during her waking hours and her gross motor skills became significantly more advanced once getting a good nights sleep.

We cannot thank Colleen enough. We wish we had sought her assistance sooner. We are incredibly glad we did seek her help; it’s been the best thing for our family. It’s been one hell of a miracle.




Jane Saunders

Colleen literally changed our life , our 2 year old went from being the perfect sleeper to not perfect at all. I had to sit with her to go to sleep or she would scream the House down, sometimes I was sitting with her for 3 hours and I also have a baby and my 2 year of was also waking in the night . After 7 or so weeks Colleen came over, I was initially really nervous and worried nothing would work. She taught us some techniques and showed us how to apply them effectively. Within 30-40 minutes she was asleep the first night and within 3 nights I had no more crying and she was back to having her Normal day sleeps as well and no more night waking . I just can’t believe i left it so long before getting help . We can’t thank you enough Colleen !

Lauren Robins

Colleen was recommended to us by a number of helpful Mums on a local facebook Mums & Bubs page and we are so grateful for those recommendations now! We enlisted Colleen’s help for our 2-year-old daughter’s constant waking at night. It used to take us over one hour to settle her to sleep only to have her wake and cry to be picked up an hour later. This would continue through the night until we would end up putting her in our bed early in the morning just so we could get some sleep (and still no one slept!!!).
Now we follow a consistent bedtime routine, walk out and she goes to sleep around 7pm. She sleeps most days until 7/7:30 and if she wakes at night she can settle herself quite quickly.

Colleen stayed overnight with us and it was just such a relief not to have to get up to the crying for the first time in 2 years. Beyond that it was great to just chat with Colleen as she is so experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to raising children and the many problems we might experience. We learnt so much from her, the whole process was incredibly invaluable and we especially appreciated her flexibility in providing us only the support and service we really needed.

I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone with a toddler who is having trouble sleeping day or night!

Kristen Gurney

Colleen visited us last week to help with our 9 month old who was a catnapper and fed to sleep for every sleep. He was up anywhere between one and four times a night and took atleast an hour to settle to sleep in the evening. Needless to say this was taking it’s toll! Colleen spent the day with me and helped me to implement a new routine with my son. He took to it really well! From the first night he settled extremely easily and only woke once overnight. Five nights later, he slept through for the first time ever! He now goes down for a morning sleep with no stress and can string together more than one sleep cycle for his afternoon sleep. And there’s no more feeding to sleep! She also gave me some great food ideas, advice on setting up his nursery and ideas on things we can do together. Colleen is friendly and loves babies, she has a very caring approach to settling your Bub to sleep. I would recommend Colleen to all of my friends and my only regret is that I didn’t contact her sooner!

Hayley Wesson

‘We wish we had’ve had Colleen visit earlier than when we had her come out for my almost 6 month old son. Our boy seemed to always have sleep issues every night needing to be rocked and fed to sleep, often taking from 5-9pm to settle him. We had about a month of him sleeping for 6 hrs straight when he was 3 months old, but at 4months we found he went backwards and ended up waking every 2 to 3 hours at night and napping for only 30-40 minutes at a time throughtout the day.
After one day of having Colleen come to visit, he was sleeping from 7pm to 7am we occassionally have him wake once a night, but we think this might be due to him teething. We also have long naps now during the day, with his big midday nap frequently sleeping a full 2 hours, but always sleeping a minimum of 1.5 hours.
We still have occassional trying nights and days but all in all our lives have changed for the better, our main aim was to get our son to self settle without needing to be rocked and that was achieved instantly after having Colleen visit.
I would recommend people look at getting help for an unsettled baby as soon as you suspect you have sleep/settling issues and feel like you need support or tips, the longer its left the harder it can be.
Thanks again Colleen for giving us back our sleep and time to even cook and eat dinner without also rocking a baby.’