Who is Colleen Hester?

Colleen Hester || Mother. Researcher. Founder of Infant and Child Consultancy.

Originally from New Zealand, I have spent 20 years providing post-natal care and sleep guidance to families across Australia, France, United Kingdom and America.

I am known as Mummy to my two children, Thomas, 3 years and Isobel, 1 year. Both of my children were diagnosed with reflux and allergies along with oral ties from a few weeks old so I firsthand understand what it is like to have babies that aren’t ‘textbook’ babies. As my two weren’t ‘settled’ as newborns, it has given me an added appreciation for how interruptions, medical or otherwise, can affect routine and sleep and how important it is to manage any health issues in order to have good feeders and sleepers.

My background and education

In 1999, I completed the New Zealand Nanny Diploma and I worked internationally as a nanny for 13 years. From there, I continued to pursue my career in working with children and studied in the United Kingdom at Newborn Education Service & Training (NEST). I studied Breastfeeding, Sleep Training, Post-Natal Care and Non-Medical Maternity Nursing. I was then trained as a sleep consultant through an agency in London in which I worked for them, and privately until we moved to Melbourne in 2014. I started Infant and Child Consultancy in 2015 and then threw two children into the mix in 2016 and 2018.

In 2019, we moved our family to Perth for my husband’s work. I took an extended break from the business to concentrate on my children’s health issues and to settle into our new city. To keep current in the ‘sleep world’ I completed my Sleep Consulting Certification in October 2019.

I have a genuine passion for the field and am constantly researching the industry looking for avenues to improve my results.

Infant and Child consultancy

Colleen Hester