Sleep Right, Sleep Tight

“Infant and Child Consultancy, run by Colleen Hester, is a Melbourne business that offers services that support and guide families in Post Natal Care, Sleep Guidance, Routine Establishment and Behavioural Management.”


Colleen started Infant and Child Consultancy after recognising how common it is for families to experience problems with their children’s routine and sleep patterns. She has seen first-hand too many times the effect sleep deprivation can have on a family unit and believes these issues can be avoided with the right help and advice.

At Infant and Child Consultancy we don’t use a one size fits all sleep training method. We assess your individual situation and discuss the methods of techniques we work with. We take a gentle caring approach to sleep training which has long term successful results.


  • Phone and Email Consultations
  • Post Natal Care, Day and Night
  • Sleep Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Behavioural Management
  • Routine Establishment
  • Guidance with Weaning onto Solids
  • Proxy Parenting