Child Sleep Consultant in Perth

“Infant and Child Consultancy, run by Colleen Hester, is a Perth based business that offers services that support and guide families in
Post Natal Care, Sleep Guidance, Routine Establishment and Behavioural Management.”

We work with families with newborns right through to preschool age and offer home consultations in Perth and phone/email consultations throughtout Australia and worldwide.

Phone Consultation

Colleen will discuss your specific needs, answer your questions and provide you with expert suggestions and practical tips to help establish a healthy sleep and feeding routine for your child.

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Phone/email Consultation

You will be required to fill out a sleep questionnaire intake form. Using this information Colleen will develop your sleep programme followed by a 30-minute phone consultation.

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Colleen will come to your home for a full day and overnight (8am-6am). This time allows us a full day and night to monitor your child’s behaviour, observe daytime naps and meal times, as well as provide overnight sleep training.

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Colleen will come to your home for 1 – 3 consecutive nights, as required, to teach your child ways to break sleep associations and self-settle overnight.

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We take pride in our respectful approach to families and their individual needs

At Infant and Child Consultancy we assess your individual situation and discuss methods of sleep training most suitable to your family. We want you to feel empowered as a parent and will give you every opportunity during our time together to feel just that! Sleep training methods will be recommended to you based on how you have answered the intake forms, but the decision will always be yours on which path you wish to take. At Infant and Child Consultancy, we take pride in our respectful approach to families and their individual needs. We are always here to listen first, and then offer support and recommendations as needed.


  • Phone and Email Consultations
  • Sleep Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Behavioural Management
  • Routine Establishment
  • Guidance with Weaning onto Solids

what our familes say

“Colleen helped our co-sleeping, strong willed three year old transform from needing mummy at every sleep to self settling and sleeping through. She really understood our family, our goals and our preferences and was on hand to answer questions and offer support at every step. I can’t thank you enough Colleen!”